The Online Alcohol Recovery Programme born From Recovery

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are.” – Carl Jung

Welcome to the UK's online recovery service which was born from real, lived experience!

The Recovery Initiative CIC

A not for profit company helping people break the cycle of their unwanted drinking habits and raising awareness of the truth behind addiction for many!

My name is Matt and I am an author and Mindfulness life coach.

Based in the UK and online

I struggled with addiction all my life as a result of the childhood traumas I survived.

Abandonment, child sexual abuse & attempted murder were my gateway and as a high functioning alcoholic I struggled all my life.

I went into recovery very publicly by keeping a video journal on my Facebook page.

During my recovery I wrote my first book:

Recovery is possible: an addict's story

Which went on to become a wishing shelf book awards finalist and number one in various categories.

I also wrote the 30 day plan to help others break the cycle of their current drinking habit and settle into an alcohol free life.

The Recovery Initiative was born

The 30 day plan became a full online programme to help people break the cycle of addiction.

With online peer support, a structured course, a six week Mindfulness course and over 100 modules of content.

Our programme has supported many people to bring about positive changes in their lives.

"The childhood traumas I survived and overcoming my own battles with addiction have driven me to help others." - Matt Penn

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This initiative is only possible with your kind support.

100% of your donation will help to sustain this initiative and someone's recovery journey.

Your support will help us to continue helping others.

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What happens when you join the initiative?

First you enrol by applying to join.

Enrolments are bi monthly and on the application page it will state when the next enrolment is.

Once you start

Over the course of the first 30 days you will cover a different subject every day aimed at helping you to develop a mindset that will help you transform your relationship with alcohol.

There will also be 30 zooms each evening guiding you through your first 30 days of settling into a new sober pathway and forming new healthier habits.

But what happens after 30 days?

Then you move on to phase 2, level up your life.

Which is 15 modules over 30 days 3 zooms a week aimed at helping you to start setting new goals, not recovery related.

We call these whole life goals.

The intention here is that bringing in improvements to other areas of your life, setting new goals will help build self esteem and relapse prevention.

You can also join our Mindfulness course which will run through the following 30 days.

They say it takes around 60 days to begin forming new habits so we have you covered.

Once you have completed 60 days you will be well on your way to forming new pathways and by sticking with the initiative you can make use of over 100 modules of extra content and come into the zooms whenever you wish or feel you need support.

This initiative is not just about getting sober, first our members settle into sobriety and then they work on levelling up their life and reaching for new, attainable goals supported and encouraged all the way.

There is no fee, thats right it will not cost you a penny!

This initiative is funded by donations and the sale of our shop items.

So no reason why you cannot try this initiative and experience the benefits for yourself.

If you would like to know if it is right for you just ask.

Spaces are limited so this is not a time to dilly dally!

During my first year in recovery I wrote a book which was a wishing shelf book awards finalist, I never thought that was possible but I did.

You do not know what you can achieve until you start engaging in your life and this initiative will help you do just that.

Take the step, apply for our next enrolment today!

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Welcome to our Initiative!

My name is Matt & I created The Recovery Initiative.

To help you transform your relationship with alcohol.

Meet the founder

Transform your relationship with alcohol!

If you would like to break the cycle of unwanted drinking habits then our 30 day course could help you.

We have found our members have improved their sleep patterns, become more productive, reduced anxiety, lost weight and strengthened their self esteem!

They are reaching new goals and bringing about positive changes in their lives everyday.

When you join the initiative you will soon discover the physical, mental and financial benefits of our service, giving you the opportunity to build the life you want.

And yes you will actually save money!

Of course, think of how much you spend on booze a week!

You will save money, look better and feel great!!!!

You can apply to join our next intake which is on the 1st of October 2022.

Limited spaces available so apply today!

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Meet the founder

On the 24th Of May 2020 I was at an all time low. My alcoholism was peaking, we had just buried my nan who had raised me as her own and I was living in a flat, alone and struggling to cope.

That day I said enough is enough and made a commitment to change and break the cycle of my current drinking habit.

I felt completley disconnected physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

There was a long road ahead for me, all of the services were closed due to lockdown and getting a doctors appointment was pretty much unheard of.

But I was determined for my own life and for my family.

Many of you shared in that journey with me on my Facebook page as I journalled my ups and downs, highs and lows trying to navigate my own recovery process.

My self esteem was broken as was my heart, but in time and with consistency something occurred.

I started talking openly about the childhood traumas I survived and as I did so my path forward became less obstructed and the fog lifted.

I wrote my first book Recovery is possible: An addicts story. Which was a wishing shelf finalist.

Then I took all I had learnt from my own recovery and created the recovery initiative 30 day plan.

With every day of sobriety I got stronger physically, mentally and emotionally.

On May 24th 2020 I would never in a million years have thought I would find my way to the person I was born to be as opposed to the one my childhood traumas had created.

Today through this organisation I run the initiative myself and have helped many people begin their sober pathways.

And I like to share my own wins as I discover new things about myself as I wobble through life.

Today my lens on the world is one of beauty as the darkness subsides more and more.

Today I want to tell you that whatever you are going through right now, you can overcome and you can have the authentic life you deserve.

Have a wonderful day

I love ya ❤️

Matt x