Transform your relationship with alcohol

Join this initiative and discover the benefits of an alcohol free life

The Recovery Initiative is a unique service for anyone who wants to build the foundations for a happier, healthier future.

You will raise your self awareness,build your self esteem and notice a huge difference in your health and reap the rewards of the financial benefits too!

Online peer support, structured courses, weekly workshops, over 100 modules of extra content and life coaching support.

When you join the initiative you will be given the tools and support to reach your goals.

You can stay with the initiative to make use of all workshops, zooms and future content for as long as you like!

Even taking a break from booze with this initiative will benefit you in ALL areas of your life.

Feel fitter, healthier and happier!

Become a better friend, parent and partner!

Increase your work productivity, ignite new passions and build the foundations for the life you want!

The Recovery Initiative CIC is a registered not for profit company.

Registration number: 14028036

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Check out this blog for more information on what you gain access to when you join the initiative!

What do I get?

The six week self management plan

The Plan is based on what our founder Matt Penn did during his own first year going alcohol free and is based on self awareness, consistency and getting proactive.

The plan covers 45 modules over 45 days but the contents of which you will be working on throughout your journey as you begin to break the chains of your alcohol usage and form new happier habits.

You will learn about:

Triggers, cravings and how to overcome them.

Planning and goal setting

How to track your behaviours


Urge surfing

Internal fears

The power of gratitude and how to use it

How to be kinder to yourself & self forgiveness

Various calming techniques

How to reinforce your motivations

Relapse survival

Coping with the judgements of others

Improving self esteem

Building a relapse prevention plan

And much more

While you are completing the Six week plan you can also attend our workshops and peer support meetings live via zoom from the comfort of your own home.

Mindfulness & sobriety

Through Mindfulness practice over time, certain triggers and negative thoughts can become more manageable and less severe.

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Online peer support topics

In these meetings we will cover various topics such as:

How to deal with negative thoughts

Coping with your sober weekends

How to build your self worth

Dealing with triggers

How to stay motivated

How to journal

The power of words

The effects alcohol abuse has on our body

The importance of your self care

The three stages of a relapse

Surviving the weekends

And many more.

We cover these topics amongst many others during our peer support sesssions via zoom to support your journey.

Mindfulness relapse prevention course

The eight week Mindfulness based relapse prevention course will take you through a structured course live via zoom.

This course is a proven pathway that will help you meet the day to day challenges of recovery while maximising your well being.

Teaching you a wide variety of formal and informal Mindfulness practices that you will be able to integrate into your day to day life.

The course runs live via zoom. or as a self management audio course via email.

You will also receive resources via email after each class to help you implement your own Mindfulness practice. 

Good for body & mind

What happens to the body and mind during the first 30 days of giving up alcohol?

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Become the best version of you

Your world will begin to open up as you will see it through a different lens.

One where when you look in the mirror you will feel empowered without the need for alcohol to make you feel confident or to help you during those stressful days.

Seeing and feeling the benefits to your physical health, waist line and skin will be so uplifting.

And the mindset you will develop will feel natural and as though you are living as the best version of you!

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Save money and look amazing

One of the benefits you will notice when you join the initiative is the financial benefits.

Think about it for a moment.

The money you would normally be spending on alcohol will be staying in your bank account.

This could go towards paying for that holiday or home improvements you have been putting off.

What about your skin?

One of the first noticable differences people will compliment you on is your skin.

In most cases complexion improves and those compliments are sure to make you feel good.

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The damage alcohol can do

Your alcohol usage could be the cause of serious health implications.

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Feel happier within yourself

Alcohol is a known depressant and all it is simply doing is masking feelings of anxiety.

The morning after, as the alcohol leaves the system those feelings can feel worse as they bubble to the surface.

When you break the cycle however a happier you will flourish.

Improved sleep, improved mood and productivity!

Your sleep patterns will improve and as a side symptom of this so will your mood, energy levels and productivity.

Imagine waking up feeling empowered instead of hungover!

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A not for profit company

Recovery Initiative CIC is a registered not for profit company. The fees are kept to a minimum to make this service accessible to all.

The continuation of The Recovery Initiative relies heavily on donations and your kind support.

When you make a donation to this initiative you will be helping someone on a recovery journey having a positive impact on their lives and their family members.

Thank you xx

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A bit about Matt

Meet the founder of The Recovery Initiative & author of Recovery is possible an addict's story.

Matt's story

Build the foundations for the life you want!

By folllowing our online courses plan you will gain insight into your own drinking habits while developing an understanding of how that cycle can be broken.

Using Mindfulness techniques you will be given the tools to form new happier habits. This will build your self esteem while giving you a new found sense of purpose.

Join this initiative today and discover the huge benefits that will have a positive impact on all areas of your life.