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Welcome To The Recovery Initiative.

Join the UK's only one to one alcohol recovery mentoring service with a 60 day structured plan and online peer support 7 days a week hosted by the author of the programme!

Our affordable, unique service is taken from real lived experience and has helped many people transform their relationship with alcohol for good.

Phase one - The first 30 days you work on your relationship with alcohol and developing a mindset to bring about positive change.

Phase two - Once you have completed 30 days sober you move on to phase two for the next 30 days where you will work on new goals and aspirations.

We call this levelling up your life!

Transform your relationship with alcohol and level up your life by taking up our peer mentoring service today for less than the price of a cup of coffee a week!


An alcohol recovery peer mentoring programme that is unique in its approach, has over 100 modules of content and a support system on hand for when you need it.


From the 23/4/22 When you join the initiative you will also receive a FREE signed copy of Recovery is possible: An addict's story.

Join the initiative today for just £12.99 a month & get your free signed book!

What is the supporters scheme?

The supporters scheme was set up to cover the costs of membership to The Recovery Initiative for people who cannot afford the subscripton fees and also help with the day to day running costs.

When you become a supporter your kind donation goes towards the upkeep of this initiative and also supporting members who meet the criteria and cannot afford the membership fees.

We will be announcing on our Facebook page each month how many memberships we have been able to give to people on low incomes or in receipt of benefits through your kind support.

When you become a supporter you really will be changing lives!

If you cannot afford our monthly subscription but would like to join the Recovery Initiative please contact us.

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Meet your alcohol recovery mentor

My name is Matt Penn and I am the founder of The Recovery Initiative.

I am a survivor of child sexual abuse, attempted murder and abandonment.

I am also a recovered alcoholic.

I went into recovery very publicly via my Facebook page.

During my recovery I wrote the Amazon bestselling book & wishing shelf book awards finalist: Recovery is possible: An addict's story.

I struggled to get help for my alcohol problem and so I wanted to do more to help people change their mindset towards alcohol.

This recovery Initiative was then born from my own lived experience, making it unique.

There is no other recovery mentoring service like this in the UK.

It's structure and relatability have been key components in helping many people transform their relationship with alcohol.

Special free gift for new members!

When you join The Recovery Initiative mentoring service and are a UK resident you will receive a Free signed copy of Matt's book!

Join The Recovery Initiative today!

Alcohol recovery peer mentoring with practical advice

As your alcohol recovery peer mentor I will help you to set the right goals

When you make the decision to stop drinking the first step for you will be setting a goal. You need something to aim towards.  

But setting the right goal is key and having a recovery coach can help with this.

If you set the goals too high without proper preparation, they can seem overwhelming and you will set yourself up to fail before you have even begun. 

Set them too small and the motivation won’t be there to drive you forward. 

So, if you want to stop, then setting the right goal initially is fundamentally important. 

Keep your goals achievable 

The first key to success is setting goals that are achievable so we don’t advise getting up one morning and saying: 

“That’s it I’m never drinking again.” 

This is a statement for a huge goal and can seem like a mammoth of a task.  

Statements like this remind us of someone who takes up hill walking. Then decides to buy some new boots and pops off to climb Everest. 

You would take one look at the mountain and you'll be on the first flight home with your tale between your legs. 

By keeping your goals realistic and achievable you can have a successful journey.  

So initially keep your goals small, that’s why you commonly hear people in recovery groups say: 

 ‘Take it one day at a time’. 

And focus on today, the weeks, months and years will then begin to take care of themselves. 

A unique alcohol recovery peer mentoring service for the UK

The Matt Penn Initiative is a UK Based organisation that was founded in Burton on Trent by the author of Recovery is possible: An addict's story.

It is a unique system designed to walk with you as you break the chains that kept you tied to old drinking habits and work towards an alcohol free life.

By joining our alcohol recovery service, the initiative, you benefit from one to one mentoring, structure and peer support that is affordable and engaging.

A plan that was developed from Matt's own recovery process with daily content, online peer support seven days a week and one to one support with Matt.

This is a fully rounded programme that has worked for many people in helping them with their alcohol recovery process.

Take your power back from alcohol! With this UK based recovery menotring service.

Nurturing a mindset that helps you to develop self-awareness if you want to stop drinking is a fantastic tool that can drive a wedge into those moments when cravings could be getting the better of you and increasing your alcohol usage.

Learning basic mindfulness skills will assist you with this alongside writing a journal. 

Don't worry I know it may seem a bit alien to you but as your alcohol recovery mentor I have you covered.

When you start journaling your feelings you will become more aware and when you are aware of what’s going on within, you can apply what’s needed to help you bypass any road blocks you may encounter. 

Self-awareness is essential if you want to cut down your drinking or stop all together. 

Another factor self-awareness can help you with is learning the process of what triggers your alcohol usage. 

Through alcohol recovery mentoring I will help you understand the process of your triggers & cravings

A trigger is the thought process that sets of the craving or desire to drink alcohol.  

The trigger instigates the habit loop which works like this: 

First there is the trigger or cue 

The craving that is instigated from the trigger 

The response to the craving or routine 

The reward or outcome from the response 

By understanding the process of your triggers, you have a better chance of breaking the cycle of the habit loop and instigating new healthier habits. 

By being aware of what your triggers are you will be better positioned to make specific plans for any situation where they may begin to cause you problems. 

If you want to stop drinking alcohol all together:

learning what triggers your drinking will make a huge difference to you as you can navigate any road blocks or obstacles with greater success. 

I will help you formulate a plan to aid your alcohol recovery

A structured plan will help you in achieving your goals. 

When you have a plan, you will have direction which is going to help you stay focused and motivated. 

It doesn’t have to be anything over complicated either. What's important is having some kind of structure that can serve as a guideline to help you through given situations. 

For example: 

Many people have found that having a recovery plan in mind for special events such as Christmas or birthdays helps them to maintain their sobriety. 

This plan could include: 

Taking your own favourite non-alcoholic beverage 

Having a script prepared in your mind for a reason why you're not drinking to stop any awkward conversations or peer pressure. 

Having a wingman with you, someone you can confide in who supports your journey to stop drinking. 

A simple plan of action like this that is prepared beforehand can help massively and following a daily plan like our 60-day alcohol recovery mentoring programme will offer you daily guidance and motivation. 

A plan should offer you alternative action that will help you to maintain your hard work and overcome the process behind your triggers and cravings. 

Always remember as well this does not have to be a hard slog or boring experience.  

Try adding some fun alternatives into your plan with some healthier treats as a nice reward for all your hard work. 

Your alcohol recovery does not have to feel like a prison sentence.

Get support from friends & family

Asking those who care about you to support your alcohol recovery will be a huge help and there may even be some who decide to join you in this endeavour. 

Any challenge like this is always completed with greater success when we have the support of our loved ones. 

Having someone we can confide in and make us accountable when the going gets tough will help you to keep things on track. 

They may even decide to learn more about how to stop drinking alcohol so that they are in a better position to help you. 

This is why we offer online peer support alongside our own 60-day alcohol recovery programme.

Sharing and connecting with others who are on the same journey is empowering and helps to keep us motivated while focused on our goals of sobriety. 

Our online peer support service will help you to feel less alone and having a sense of community, learning from each other while giving support is one of the elements that make this initiative so special. 

Having a support network with the structure of a plan can make all the difference to your success. 

With this alcohol recovery mentoring service we will begin to introduce new behaviour patterns

By switching up your old behaviour patterns to form new, healthier ones you will begin to break the cycle and stop drinking alcohol for good.  

How you decide to do this is the big question that many people ask. 

Start introducing new stimuli. Perhaps new hobbies, interests or even a course of study. 

Simply stopping drinking without any change in regards to your normal routines will make things more difficult for you.  

However, by introducing new behaviour patterns you will stand the best chance at long term success.  

Within our alcohol recovery mentoring services we will help you to discover new passions, hobbies & interests.

A UK Alcohol Recovery Mentoring Service That Is Here For you!

Our alcohol recovery mentoring service based in the UK is here for you.

A unique programme that involves one to one recovery peer mentoring, online peer support and a structured 60 day plan.

At the recovery initiiative we do not follow a 12 step programme or have the belief in the need to have faith in a higher power.

Our focus is on mindset, self awareness and getting proactive within your recovery journey.

Built from real lived experience.

The Recovery Initiative has helped many people transform their relationship with alcohol and now it is standing by to assist you with yours.

Join our recovery mentoring UK programme for just £12.99