Shamanism, Mindfulness, Email Tarot Readings & Alcohol / Addiction Recovery

Matt is a Shamanic practitioner & Mindfulness coach who struggled with addiction all his life as a result of the childhood traumas he survived.

Surviving abandonment, child sexual abuse & attempted murder was his gateway into addiction.

His recovery led him back to his calling - Shamanism & Spirituality.

A calling to help others break the cycle of addiction.

The Recovery Initiative is unique as it was born from the real lived experience of it's founder Matt Penn.

Matt is the founder of this initiative & Author of the book: Recovery is possible: An addict's story.

In the book he shares his story of surviving that these childhood traumas occurred before his 14th birthday and how he found his journey into recovery.

He had always been drawn to Shamanism & the tarot however struggled with alcoholism and other addictions all his life.

It was only when he finally found his pathway into recovery & with a clear, sober mind that he could fully embrace is spiritual beliefs.

Many years ago Matt was told his pathway was one of a wounded healer but he never understood this until he had gone through his own recovery process.

This initiative was formed as a product of Matt's own recovery journey.

He wrote the 30 day programme which is designed to assist you in transforming your relationship with alcohol.

The 30 day plan is not a spiritual programme but is based on mindset, self worth & working to break the cycle of your current drinking habit by building new, healthier & happier habits.

This programme has helped many people already form the foundations for a sober pathway& now it is ready to assist you!

To take up the programme all you have to do is join the initiative.

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How to form a question for your email Tarot reading

How you form your question for your email tarot reading is vitally important.

Please check out this article to see how you can get the most from your tarot reading.

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Physical, Mental & Financial benefits

We have found our members have improved their sleep patterns, become more productive, reduced anxiety, lost weight and strengthened their self esteem!

They are reaching new goals and bringing about positive changes in their lives everyday.

When you join the initiative you will soon discover the physical, mental and financial benefits of our service, giving you the opportunity to build the life you want.

And yes you will actually save money!

Of course, think of how much you spend on booze a week!

You will save money, look better and feel great!!!!

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The Pixie Hut

The Recovery Initiative is not a spiritual programme.

The Pixie Hut however is the section of The Initiative that has more of a focus on spirituality.

With gifts and products inspired by Matt & his partner Sharon's eclectic spiritual beliefs which include:

Shamanism - Wicca - Buddhism & Spiritualism.

We offer a fantastic email tarot readings service that is different from other tarot readers as Matt does not only read the cards.

Each reading includes an element of divination found in Shamanism & other spiritual practices such as:

Augury, scrying, journeying or stone divination.

Working with his spirit guides & helpers this offers a fully rounded spiritual reading that is both in-depth, accurate and filled with compassion focused upon your highest good.

Within The Pixie Hut you will also find spiritual blogs & information as well as our other handmade craft items such as:

Candles, Concrete Statues & Shamanc Art.

100% of the profits from the sale of these items goes towards helping to sustain the recovery programme.

How I complete your email Tarot readings

My tarot readings involve a lot more than simply laying the cards. I would like to share my process with you.

How I read the Tarot

The Path Of The Wounded Healer

The term wounded healer is mentioned earleir on this page. I wanted to explain a little here about it's meaning:

They are not born they are not made, they create themselves through conquering adversity.

Trial and error, mistakes and failings, often facing times of great suffering and emotional as well as physical pain.

The wounded healer has been into the depths of despair and seen the darkest corners of their soul.

They have faced true fear and acknowledged the monsters that have stood in their way.

At times unable to see a way ahead the wounded healer has managed to keep going even in the most adverse of conditions.

They conquer their fear.They keep on fighting.

They find a way to speak their truth and be heard even when they are afraid of the consequences or the reactions & judgements of others.

By standing and speaking their truth they shine a light for others.

Reaching into the whirlpool their light shines for those who are lost and feeling alone.

Their trials and hardships become their driving force for their life's purpose ignited by the strength that enabled them to keep going within their own battles between the heart and the mind.

If you are reading this and you have overcome great hardships within your life, if you have faced off the demons of your past and you keep going every single day prepared to shine your light and use your voice for others...

You have a purpose in the world my friend far greater than you could ever have imagined.

Always stand up for what you believe in and be heard without fear of ignorance and judgements.

You are a wounded healer and the world needs your truth.

Today Matt uses his past experience gained through survivng a number of childhood traumas and conquering his own addictions to help others overcome the battles they have with their own demons.

He does this through the recovery initiative, his email tarot readings and sharing the beauty of practices such as Mindfulness & Shamanism.

Matt's gift comes via the written word & his connection with his spirit guides. The tarot reading service provided here demonstrates the healing power of words & spiritual connection.

Email Tarot Readings

Welcome to our Initiative!

My name is Matt & I created The Recovery Initiative.

To help you transform your relationship with alcohol.

Meet the founder

On the 24th Of May 2020 I was at an all time low. My alcoholism was peaking, we had just buried my nan who had raised me as her own and I was living in a flat, alone and struggling to cope.

That day I said enough is enough and made a commitment to change and break the cycle of my current drinking habit.

I felt completley disconnected physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

There was a long road ahead for me, all of the services were closed due to lockdown and getting a doctors appointment was pretty much unheard of.

But I was determined for my own life and for my family.

Many of you shared in that journey with me on my Facebook page as I journalled my ups and downs, highs and lows trying to navigate my own recovery process.

My self esteem was broken as was my heart, but in time and with consistency something occurred.

I started talking openly about the childhood traumas I survived and as I did so my path forward became less obstructed and the fog lifted.

I wrote my first book Recovery is possible: An addicts story. Which was a wishing shelf finalist.

Then I took all I had learnt from my own recovery and created the recovery initiative 30 day plan.

With every day of sobriety I got stronger physically, mentally and emotionally.

I started to get more creative and as I did I strengthened spiritually as well and rediscovered the beauty in my old belief systems of Shamanism & practices such as Mindfulness.

Which I now like to share with you in the readings I do and the artwork I create to help sustain this initiative.

The picture on the wall behind me, I made that!

It may not look like much but it means everything to me!

It symbolises that we do recover as does all that I do each day moving forward.

On May 24th 2020 I would never in a million years have thought I would find my way to the person I was born to be as opposed to the one my childhood traumas had created.

Today through this organisation I run the initiative myself and have helped many people begin their sober pathways.

And I like to share my own wins as I discover new things about myself as I wobble through life like my personal & spiritual growth.

As I reconnect with my spiritual self and authentic self.

Today my lens on the world is one of beauty as the darkness subsides more and more.

Today I want to tell you that whatever you are going through right now, you can overcome and you can have the authentic life you deserve.

Have a wonderful day

I love ya ❤️

Matt x