Daily guidance 10/07/22

Daily guidance 10/07/22

Aloha and good morning my friends and how are you on this beautiful Sunday Morning?

We had a great day yesterday up at Cannock chase and It's absolutley lovely out there today. I love the mornings listening to the birds and when the river is so still as it is this morning.

The reflection caught my attention today and reminded me of our own need to reflect at times, to be calm, still and take stock of where we have been, where we are now and the direction we are heading in.

Just like the river, always flowing, always moving but we can still have moments of calm without stagnating.

In fact it is during those times where we can give ourselves rejuvenation while also feelings of great gratitude can arise.

Because it is in those moments when we realise we are alive, we are safe and we have the power within our own hands for positive change.

Happy Sunday my friend!

Be safe, be well and be happy.

I love ya ❤️

Matt x