Daily One Card Tarot Reading 05/07/22

Daily One Card Tarot Reading 05/07/22

Aloha and good my dear friend, happy Tuesday. How are you today?

It's not a bad morning out there today, nice and calm and settled just the way I like to start my day 😀

I hope its OK where you are?

I had my little wimble wimble with Chase the wonder dog and made my way home for your quick one card reading.

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So todays card we have drawn The Empress and her message to you today is one of self compassion.

Self care is not selfish, in fact it is vitally important. Now I understand that you may feel you do not have time to be more compassionate towards yourself.

However by learning to be more compassionate internally you will actually find that this compassion will begin to extend outward and you will be able yo do more for yourself and others.

So it's a win win!

If you are going through some difficulties at the moment the Empress is asking you to look at your situation through the eyes if a nurturing mother.

Offering yourself kindness and compassion over judgment and criticism will prove to be beneficial to your well being.

Clearing the fog and assisting you in dealing with what it is that plagues your heart or torments your mind currently.

Have an awesome day my friend a

I love ya ❤️

Matt x

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