Daily One Card Tarot Reading 07/07/22

Daily One Card Tarot Reading 07/07/22

Aloha and happy Thursday! How are you today?

I hope you are well my friend, I had a nice wobble along the river this morning with my trusty furry companion.

It's taken two years for me to have the confidence to let him off his lead and he's doing so well, I'm super proud of him.

Anyway today your card is the Page of cups.

A lovely card that speaks of inspiration and creativity. Often coming from unexpected places so allow your creative flow of energy to work with your intuition and you could be onto a winner!

In regards to relationships you may find yourself opening up more emotionally to others.

Listen to your heart, what once was a casual friendship has the possibility to develop further.

Whoop whoop! Oooh la la

When those deep emotions connect with your intuition you may well find yourself being led somewhere you perhaps were closed off to before.

Keep an open mind today and let your heart along with your intuitive nature be your guide.

Some food for thought for ya, could be very interesting!

Thank you have a great day!

I love ya ❤️

Matt x

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