Daily One Card Tarot Reading 26/06/22

Daily One Card Tarot Reading 26/06/22

Aloha! And good morning I hope you are well on this fine Sunday.

It's a beautiful morning and I was up at 5 so I could take a little wobble along by the river. I love it up there so early when nobody is about just myself and my thoughts.

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So for today's reading I thought I would do something different. I sat by the river and watched this beautiful Heron come back and fourth.

The Heron can have very powerful meanings and as I sat by the river I asked what could Heron teach us?

This beautiful bird has these amazing long legs which enable them to move through the shallow water with perfect balance.

Finding your own balance will be key to helping you move forward now, it's time to stand tall and have confidence in yourself.

Herons are quite tall birds their message for you today is that you do not need to be physically tall in order for you to stand tall and find stability, but you do need to learn to stand alone, on your own two feet with confidence.

Herons follow their own path and are masters of being versatile and able to complete various tasks and we often see them working alone.

You know what is best for your path, look within and follow that instinct without the need of prompting or directing from others.

Herons message is one of finding the right balance & self reliance.

What can you do that will bring you the stability, security and future you want without the need for reliance on others?

There is some food for thought for us this beautiful Sunday morning.

Have an amazing day my friends!

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Thank you x

I love ya ❤️

Matt x

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