Daily One Card Tarot Reading 27/06/22

Daily One Card Tarot Reading 27/06/22

Aloha and happy Monday my dear friends and how are you today?

It's been a rather wet morning up here today, not chucking it down but more like that annoying thin rain, I'm glad I wore my hat today put it that way.

I spent an hour up by the river having a short Mindful walk, listening to the rain drops and the birds as we greet the day.

Then I returned to complete your Monday Morning quick Tarot reading:

You may recently have felt as though you have been hurt either physically, emotionally or both and now my friend is a time for you to rest inwardly.

One of the deepest stages of healing and recovery after any kind of emotional hurt is self compassion.

For example, You may need to go through a process of healing and recovery in regards to a relationship issue.

We often hold onto those pains, it can give a sense of loss, loneliness and of course betrayal.

As well as those feelings we can also struggle with deep regret.

One of the best ways in which we can bring healing and closure to any situation is through acceptance and self compassion.

If we are struggling with regret work may be needed to understand its underlying causes, through spending some time discovering these we can apply the right self care which will ultimately offer the greatest healing.

This week take some time to rest inwardly and ask yourself where have I been lacking in terms of my own self care?

Where do I need to be kinder to myself?

If you are struggling with overcoming an addiction, a break up or other form of personal care this is of paramount importance.

You deserve to take some time for you!

Have an amazing day my friend!

Stay well and remember to take some time this week for your self care and needs.

I love ya ❤️

Matt x

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