Daily One Card Tarot Reading 28/06/22

Daily One Card Tarot Reading 28/06/22

Aloha and good morning! Happy Tuesday my dear friends!

Such a beautiful morning and this mornings card I've pulled for you today is:

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Sun from The Crow Tarot (My favourite deck).

When the Sun sheds light into your reading it speaks of an opportunity arising which will offer you a greater sense of confidence in regards to something which has previously caused you to feel anxious.

Hold your head high and believe in yourself!

You have all you need to succeed and you will start to realise this as your confidence will begin to grow.

The Sun is encouraging you to stand tall, trust your abilities and allow yourself to be seen. Step with confidence into the spotlight now without fear as the sun is casting its favourable light...use it, my friend.

Have an amazing day

I love ya ❤️

Matt x

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