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My name is Matt Penn and I am a recovered alcoholic and a survivor of abandonment, attempted murder and child sexual abuse.

I went into recovery during the first lockdown when no help was available due to covid. I had nowhere to turn and so I made the decision that if I was going to overcome my addictions, I needed to learn about them and engage in my recovery.

I started a Facebook page to log my recovery journey with a daily video journal and I discovered a passion for writing during this time. During my first year in recovery, I penned my first book which became a wishing shelf book award finalist.

Recovery Is possible: An addict's story.

I began to understand the link between my addictions and the childhood traumas I survived. As I spoke about what I was learning many people contacted me for help and advice.

I wanted to pass on what I had learned and create the alcohol recovery programme that I needed when there was no help available. so that I could help others break the cycle and live the healthy, happy life they were born to have.


The Recovery Initiative was born

We offer a free online programme that gives people the tools they need to live a life free from their unwanted drinking habits. a programme with online peer support that they can complete without the need of attending in-person meetings or groups.

If a situation like covid ever occurred again our service is a programme which will continue to give people the help, guidance and support they need. when people sign up to join our initiative they get a wealth of content to begin engaging them in their recovery.

For the first 30 days, they follow our 30-day programme which offers online peer support via zoom every night. The programme is designed to help raise their self-awareness and through consistency develop a mindset that will help them break the chains of their addiction.

Once completed they move on to phase 2 which is called level up your life. This phase is based on whole-life goals to help them improve other areas of their life which will have a positive impact on their recovery and relapse prevention.

Finally, our members can take part in an online six-week Mindfulness course which assists them in developing their own Mindfulness practice. Helping them to form new strategies for responding to difficult situations while also building their self-compassion which has a positive impact on self-esteem. 

We also offer

Over 100 modules of extra content and one-to-one support where it is needed. Our members can stay on with this initiative for as long s they wish to make use of our services so they have ongoing support.

You can check out our services here

We also provide online information and educational material while also raising awareness of the link between trauma and addiction. To help break down the stigma which creates barriers standing in the way of help and support.

How will your donation help?

We do not want finances to be a barrier that stands in the way of someone reaching out for help and support and so we do not charge any fees to our members for joining The Recovery Initiative online programme.

Your donation will help to support our members by continuing to provide our essential services. 

  • To ensure the business continuity and remain focused on sustaining delivery of our critical services
  • To continue to provide telephone and online support 
  • To continue to prepare for future members
  • To cover the overall operational costs of the Recovery Initiative and ongoing support.
  • To continue raising awareness to break down the barriers that stand in the way of help and support.
  • To continue to provide a point of contact 7 days a week.

The Recovery Initiative is a registered community interest company

Registered number: 14028036



Thank you so much your donation will make a huge difference to someone's life!