Build a meaningful alcohol free life

Build a meaningful alcohol free life

One of the key factors that will assist you in relapse prevention and sustaining your sobriety is having interests or getting involved with activities that will add a greater sense of meaning to your life.

I believe it is so important that you become involved in stuff you enjoy which will make you feel needed, will add a sense of direction, focus and achievement.

The positive impact on your recovery and life in general will be huge as your self esteem will begin to flourish.

Which is going to give you greater confidence and belief within yourself and your recovery journey.

I like to think of these as safe behaviours.

In the recovery Initiative we promote safe behaviours as activities which lesson our exposure to triggers which put us in danger of relapsing.

Unsafe behaviours are the ones which are formed through the patterns of behaviours we had while in active addiction.

The idea behind this is the more we increase safe behaviours with consistency we break the old habit loop and begin to form a new, healthier, happy one.

Which will far outweigh the desire to drink.

For me it was writing, I set myself small writing goals each evening which was a safe behaviour for me.

My unsafe behaviour was plonking myself in front of the T.V.

Writing offered me new stimuli, a new sense of achievement, goals to focus on and a chance to express myself.

While feeling as though I was contributing a little something to the world.

With consistency, over time I was doing more of the safe behaviour than the unsafe.

Which in turn helped me to begin forming the foundations for a more meaningful life.

But I had to be consistent.

What could you do to begin building a more meaningful life once you are alcohol free?

Find a hobby

This could be getting back into a hobby you used to enjoy or discovering a new one.

Try something that will be a challenge and get your creativity going.

Adopt a pet

Caring for an animal can give us that sense of purpose, make us feel loved and needed.

If you adopt a dog, you will find enjoyment in getting out into the world on walks, so you get exercise , some fresh air and a sense of play.

Nature is great for rejuvenation

Just like the above post but you don't need a pet to spend time in nature.

You can take a hike, go fishing, mountain biking, even looking for shells on a beach to take back home and make some crafts.

Get yourself a bit of culture

Museums, concerts (Your first sober concert will be amazing) learn how to paint, write or sing!


Getting involved with the community by volunteering is fantastic to give something back, to feel involved and help develop a sense of purpose and belonging. find a cause and get involved.

Your sobriety will give you the chance to discover new passions and ignite old ones.

This could open the doorway for you to meet new people and embrace new opportunities giving you the chance to build a meaningful alcohol free life.

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