5 ways to know your self worth

How to know your self worth in five easy steps

Our self-worth is not something we often think about.

People love to talk about how they look on the outside but feelings of what's going on with us inside is a topic people often steer clear of.  

I think self-worth is vitally important and building ourselves up inside will assist with recovery from addiction and other challenges in life. 

We can feel uncomfortable at times around others can’t we, when our confidence within our self is low and our peers seem to be smashing life. 

Becoming comfortable with ourselves is key in building our self-esteem and as a side effect will increase confidence and faith in our abilities to succeed and overcome. 

how to know your self worth

This is why it's so important in the recovery process. 

During my own recovery journey, I learnt that although others may have been unaware my self worth was very low.  

When I became aware of this, I learnt how I could begin to rebuild my self-esteem and increase my self worth.

To have a positive impact on my life and of course to give myself a healthier recovery process. 

I am going to share with you five simple ways you can recognise your own self-worth. 

You may not have even considered your feelings of self-worth before reading this article.  

We often don’t, yet it is so important and I really want you to begin acknowledging your own self-worth.

So that you can begin to implement steps for improvement and then you will start to see vast improvements within your life, really quite fast. 

  • Do not judge your thoughts, emotions & sensations – Instead of judging try accepting.

They do not represent who you are or define you.

Just as they pop in and out as if at random intervals, they can also be changed by shifting our perspective and the wording of that voice which rattles through our minds. 

  • Let’s drop the word should from that voice's vocabulary – When we say “should” we are talking from a place of judgement.

When we catch ourselves using this word let's begin to question it, what other options could we use?

How about could?

Encouragement without judgement is so important and one small change can have a powerful impact. 

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  • Stop relying on others for your sense of worth – When we do this, we are setting ourselves up to feel disappointed.

Empowering ourselves internally will hold a greater influence over our self-worth.

Relying on a label, position and even a relationship will not give a strong sense of self-worth.

Think of it like this, if the label, position or relationship is removed from our lives we still need to maintain a strong sense of self-worth otherwise it's all superficial. 

  • Learn to forgive yourself - During our structured plan and our peer support we offer guidance on self-forgiveness because it is so important.

Shame, regret and guilt are common negative emotions that bubble to the surface during recovery.

By learning self-forgiveness, you are showing yourself compassion. 

  • Maintain awareness of your talents and abilities – You may not think it now but you do have talents, abilities and even what some would refer to as gifts.

Begin to identify these, think about what it is you are good at.

Don’t focus on the big things right now, the little things can make a huge difference to this world.

What do you enjoy?

How do you make other people's lives better?

What comes naturally to you?

Then begin to celebrate them!  

    Know your self worth

    We have discussed five simple, but effective strategies.

    You can begin to implement these today and by being mindful, with some consistency you will begin to notice a difference in your self worth. 

    Others will begin to notice. changes in you and this will assist you in building your confidence in other areas of your life.

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