Is drinking ruining your relationship?

Is drinking ruining your relationship?

There are many reasons people drink.

You may drink to relieve boredom, have fun, to escape from the daily pressures of work or perhaps you drink to relieve physical pain. 

Problems can begin to arise however when are alcohol consumption becomes excessive and the negative impacts on our relationships can be huge. 

I have a lot of people contact me to take part in our 30-day plan because their alcohol usage is beginning to negatively impact their relationship. 

Nobody wants to lose the trust their loved one has in them and see what once was a loving relationship diminish due to drinking. 

I know this may be hard for you to understand or even see if you are the one developing an addiction to alcohol. 

You may be unsure if you fit into this bracket, so here are a few signs to look out for. 

You put your alcohol consumption first 

Most of us would like to think that our loved ones are the most important thing in our lives.  

But if we are struggling with an alcohol use disorder our actions can seem otherwise. 

The biggest problem when we are struggling with an addiction like this is that we are often the last person to realise the impact we are having on those we love. 

Even though your love may have a bond so deep and your connection seems unbreakable.  

Excessive alcohol consumption can create such damage that these tight bonds can begin to diminish. 

  • Has your drinking led you to forget important dates? 
  • Have you cancelled important plans due to your desire to stay home and drink? Or due to a hangover? 
  • Has your drinking caused you to be unreliable? 
  • Are you present when with your loved one or focused on your next drink? 

When you drink it is as though you become someone else 

Although we may not notice changes in our behaviour when we drink, to a loved one we can take on a different persona. 

The person we are when intoxicated is not the person they met and feel in love with. 

When alcohol creates these changes within us it can make the person we love so dearly feel uncomfortable through our behavior. 

You may get: 

  • Aggressive 
  • Over emotional 
  • Withdrawn 
  • Take unnecessary risks 
  • Loud 
  • Self centred 

All of these could become major issues in a relationship which is understandable.  

The person wants to be with who they fell in love with not what the alcohol creates. 

Think Jekyll and Hyde! 

Trust is so important in a relationship 

Most people believe if there is no trust in the relationship then it cant blossom. 

If you are drinking to excess there is a strong possibility that you are hiding your consumption from your loved one. 

When we begin to be dishonest our drinking becomes a strong issue within the relationship. 

If you feel this relates to you ask yourself one question: 

Why do you feel the need to be dishonest about your drinking? 

A healthy relationship needs a strong foundation built on trust.  

If your drinking is creating a barrier within that trust then it needs to be addressed. 

You have stopped doing things with your loved one  

If you find that you are choosing drinking over doing things you used to enjoy with your loved one, then maybe it's time you began to ask yourself why. 

If your relationship is built around alcohol use then it is not a healthy relationship. 

Lack of interest in intimacy 

An important element of any blossoming relationship is being intimate together.

You may be finding your drinking is causing blackouts or perhaps your getting sick and vomiting. 

For obvious reasons these are going to cause major issues when your loved one simply wants some love and attention. 

When we drink to excess we lose time, time that we cannot get back. 

Time that we could be spending with someone we love and if we are not careful that could be lost forever.