Reasons for recovery

Reasons for recovery

When we are struggling with an alcohol addiction or other form of substance misuse it can feel as though there is no way out.

We continue on the same carousel where nothing changes and chaos remains.

We may want to change but the intention or commitment just is not strong enough as the pain we mask seems to outweigh everything else.

So often is the case that we need a solid reason to recover that will motivate and drive us towards a happier, healthier future.

I have put together these reasons to recover in the hope that it sparks something in you which will encourage, motivate and empower you to take those first steps on to your own recovery journey.

The daily battle

While caught up within the cycle of addiction I completely understand how each and every day can feel like a battle.

A battle you face alone and this is so very true of all mental health issues.

Our own minds became solitary jail cells enforced by the hold that the addiction has over us.

I have resided in a similar cell with similar prison guards taking away my voice, my strength and my freedom.

I wanted to break those chains, smash down that prison door and say a huge fuck you to my captors.

The thing is though while I was locked away my mind was tricked and my judgement clouded.

The very thing that locked me away alone and anxious also made me believe that it was the cure to my hurt and the means to escape.

This is the nature of addiction.

When I woke up to my truth I needed to hold on to reasons for recovery and I want to share some of those with you now in the hope that you discover your reasons to recover.

Reason number one is to live

As they say in the famous movie trainspotting I choose life. I want you to choose to live instead of simply existing.

Through recovery you will regain control, free yourself from the chains which have stopped you from moving living and you will see the world through a new lens. A lens filled with hope.

Reason number two is a new sense of connection

This new sense of connection with yourself and with others will be on a complete new level to anything you had experienced previously.

You will have felt disconnected from yourself while in the cycle of active addiction and recovery will give you the chance to reconnect and form deeper, meaningful bonds.

alcohol recovery

Reason number three is to feel part of the family unit again

Addiction creates a feeling of isolation but recovery brings us back into the arms of those we care about.

Your loved ones will have suffered witnessing your behaviour and struggle through active addiction.

Your recovery will not only bring peace to your heart but joy to theirs.

There may be some olive branches we need to offer and bridges rebuilt but the chance to improve those relationships is so worth it.

Reason number four is to create the life you were born to have

Our lives while in active addiction can seem very grey and unfulfilled, as I said early simply existing.

But with recovery we begin to feel the warmth of the sun again.

Recovery gives us strength and with a sober heart and mind anything seems and can be possible.

You have been to hell and back, now it is time to level up your life.

Reason number five is because you are worth recovery

When you embark on your recovery journey you need to know that you are worth getting well.

Your self esteem will have been rocked and feelings of guilt and shame will be overwhelming.

Recovery will help you to develop a greater sense of self worth and you will learn to be more compassionate to yourself.

That my friend is five reasons for recovery

Look within yourself and now that if you can take that step to reach out for help and support.

If you can muster up the strength to say enough is enough I am committing to this, then recovery is possible.

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