Unlock the pathway to their freedom

Unlock the pathway to their freedom

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The mind becomes a prison for many when struggling with mental health, trauma or addiction.

For a lot of folks the struggle is real and involves of all three of these things but the mind is such a tangled and complex machine that it can be difficult for the individual to see, feel or realise this. 

Yes it can be very difficult to know the pathways in the labyrinth of the mind, even our own. 

In many cases myself included the more I tried to analyse, to untangle the web and find a solution the deeper I became imprisoned within the cage of my own mind.

Feeling alone, why is this?

When we are struggling with something internally like our own thoughts and feelings it becomes hard to imagine that anyone will ever understand or know what you are going through. 

One of the biggest chains I had (and there were many) keeping me feeling locked away was the thought that no one would believe me.

This opens up a whole new minefield of negative thoughts.

If no one believes me I will be judged, If I am judged I will feel more ashamed, people will label me. 

Maybe they are right?

And so with such labels I shouldn’t be happy.

I don’t deserve to be happy. 

I am not worthy. 

This is one of the threads my train of thought would take among millions of others.

Can you imagine the fog this creates within the mind and worse still the heart.

Drawing us deeper and deeper within until the pathway to freedom can no longer be seen.

Everything becomes drowned out by a train of thought that is only headed in one direction and that is towards oblivion. 

The mind can be a catalyst for torment often triggered by events, situations and circumstances that were beyond our own control or caused at the hands of someone else. 

It is so important that we start talking and that if someone within our circle or someone we meet seems distant or unlike their normal self that we give them the opportunity to open up.

While showing them that we believe them and be fully present by actively listening and showing support.  

When someone opens up to you it is the most courageous thing they can do.

Often subjects such as historical child sexual abuse like that which I survived, are some of the most difficult things one can talk about and this is largely due to the stigma attached to them and their very taboo nature.  

But it is the lack of open discussion and education that creates the barriers that make these subjects so difficult for many.

By listening and demonstrating that you believe someone who is struggling with their mental health or some form of childhood trauma.

You are helping them to begin unravelling the chains of the mind that keep them tied to the darkness, that condemn them to a sense of being alone that only a survivor or fellow addict can understand. 

Listen, believe, support, understand... 

These four words turn on the light that will brighten the pathway to freedom for many. It really is so simple, yet the impact on the life of another is truly magnificent. 

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