Friends stand together

Friends stand together

Aloha, I hope you are well my friend. 

We have many people who contact the Recovery Initiative who cannot afford to pay the subscription fee but are desperately seeking help and support to bring about change within their lives for themselves and for their families. 

Unfortunately we have to charge a fee to cover our costs etc as we get no funding or support. 

But I have tried my hardest to keep this as low as possible. 

And if I believe this initiative can help someone and they cannot afford the monthly subscription I will not turn them away and this is where you can help. 

You can become a friend of someone in recovery as a supporter of The Recovery Initiative and the money raised with your kindness will go towards funding a membership for someone who simply cannot pay the subscription. 

Your kind support will help to change someone's life and their families. 

My mission is to reach back into the whirlpool of addiction and help as many people out as I can. 

But I cannot do it all alone and your support will make a huge difference to someone's recovery process through joining this initiative. 

This initiative is making a huge impact on the lives of many and we want this to be accessible to everyone. 

With your help we will succeed! 

I will announce each month how many people we have been able to assist with your support as the funds from supporters will be allocated to memberships for people who cannot afford the payments. 

I have helped many people over the last two years and with your support I will be able to help many more.  

The impact of this will be huge creating a positive ripple effect for our service users husbands, wives and children. 

Think about the bigger picture of how your support will not only be helping the individual but also the family unit. 

This initiative runs 7 days a week and has already made a difference to the lives of many.

If you can make a small contribution of whatever you can afford you will be giving the gift of recovery to someone in need.

Please support someone's recovery journey here:


You are not just a supporter, you are a friend of this initiative and I know that by showing your support you are demonstrating to me that you believe in what I am doing here. 

And that fills me with gratitude and hope. 

Thank you and I love ya. We are in the process of registering with the charities commission but for now I need your help and we can make this initiative accessible to all who need it. 

Matt Penn - Founder