My day with the Ongo team and the upcoming event

My day with the Ongo team and the upcoming event

My day with the Ongo team and the upcoming event


I really had such an amazing day yesterday with the Ongo team learning about the incredible services they have to offer people who are struggling, in need of help and support or seeking guidance with other areas of their life. A skilled team of life coaches, counsellors, mentors and much more. with a community centre, allotments, I.T. rooms. I really was impressed and cannot praise them highly enough. 

You know how important it is to me in regards to seeing people do well and progress. I witnessed this yesterday after speaking to former service users who now work for Ongo in paid employment! how amazing is that! absolutely fantastic and that really is what it's all about my friends. 

Here are some of the projects and facilities I learnt about yesterday which they have in place:

  • The Ongo journey to work: A specialist team offering support, training and guidance to help you overcome the barriers that are standing in the way between you and employment.
  • The looking up project: a specialist service helping job seekers who are struggling with their mental health
  • The Learning Centre: Offering training for individuals and courses for businesses
  • Volunteering to help gain work experience and enhance your CV
  • The Building better opportunities programme (BBO) Offering support to those who lack the skills and opportunities back into work
  • Various community projects such as the bike project, growing and learning, 
  • Intensive support programme for those who have been out of work for a long time
  • Youth mentoring in schools and communities
  • Ex-offender support Tailor-made mentoring programmes for ex-offenders
  • Specialised recruiters Helping employers find the right staff and employees find the right job
  • Next level offering further development to those who want to develop their skills and build a long term career


The most valuable thing I saw however was the sense of welcoming, kindness, commitment and understanding from a team of people who genuinely care. simply awesome! Pictured is John he works in the community projects and took the time to show me around their allotment and tell me about the volunteering and mentoring service in the community. I forgot to grab some fresh onions and cucumbers! The next time I'm in Scunthorpe ill be swinging by!

Check out their Facebook page here

Changing lives in Scunthorpe I love it!

Here's a quick video talking about my day with the team at Ongo yesterday and the amazing work they are doing for the people of Scunthorpe.

I also want to invite you to their event on the 8th of October 2021 to learn about their amazing services.

I will be attending and speaking at this event and there will be lots of other stuff going on as well.

Please check it out by following this link.

10:45am-3pm (including networking)
Friday 8th October 2021
Wortley House Hotel,
Scunthorpe, DN16 1SU

This is a great opportunity for Businesses to learn about supporting mental health.

Book your tickets here:


If you would like me to attend your workplace to see the amazing work you are doing to support mental health or help those struggling with addiction. If you would like me to speak at your upcoming event, workplace or group meeting please contact me at

Matt x