Elaine's story

Elaine's story

I was 9 yrs sober November 27th.  

I wanted to share a bit in hopes it helps someone:  

I found alcohol and drugs at an early age (12) as it soothed my feelings, my fears. I was sexually abused from aged 5 til 11yrs: a babysitter, a foster brother and I am also a survivor of incest. I was a shy, quiet gentle child which made me an easy target.  

My years after were sometimes on the stable side but many were the opposite. Numerous jobs, picking up and moving to different places and various unhealthy relationships were the norm for me. Drugs and alcohol always with me.....they were my best friends. They took away my bad memories and the negative feelings that went with them.  

Fast forward to age 44 when I hit a bottom like I never had before: homeless, no job, police record and I was sick. I weighed 95 pounds (I'm 5 foot 7) and I wanted to die. I really did. But I kept waking up every day and I will never really know what pushed me to knock on the door at a shelter. It was for abused women which I was not at that time but I was desperate. They took me in and housed me for the next 4 weeks until I left for rehab 5 hrs away from it all. I slept and ate for those 4 weeks and got some strength back.  

A full year in the women's live in rehabilitation centre and a full year after in their second stage home. I went to meetings regularly and I got involved by doing coffee and helping to set up and clean up afterwards. I went to therapy (still do) and I healed. Still healing as it is a life long process.  

I am 53 now and I have a steady, lucrative job I love and a nice home. I am healthy and happy and when I wake up in the mornings I look forward to what the day may bring  

It can be done. Believe me when I say that. But listen: it takes work. Hard work. Stick with it and you WILL reap the rewards.  

You got this  

**Well done Elaine you have done incredible and I am so proud of you! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.**  

If you would like a shout out for recovery or to share your story please get in touch. You will inspire others, you could save a life! 

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