Karen's story

Karen's story

I’m an alcoholic in recovery, 32 years I drank due to having anxiety, depression and agoraphobia, my life was very chaotic. I was a single parent too, and always had bad relationships.  

In 2010 when I was 49 I went for detox for a week, I've now been sober 11 years, and I love being sober, it’s the best. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever be sober.  

I Still get anxiety, it’s more manageable now.  

Only thing is I picked a lot of men that were bad for me, a lot of domestic violence, and I will never go there again. I also self harmed, and if there were drugs going, I would take them also.  

It’s not a life, you just exist.  

I want you to know that, by being sober you live and you will find a better life for yourself; one you can be proud of.  

I’m not ashamed of my past, it’s who I am, I’m just a better version of me!  

**Thank you so much for your honesty Karen, you have done so well against such great adversity. What an achievement!**  

If you would like a shout out on this page and share your story of recovery please contact me. By sharing your story you could ignite someone’s recovery. You could save a life! 

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