Shelley's story

Shelley's story

I didn’t really drink much until after I had my kids back then it wasn’t really a lot.  

That came in my late twenties but only in the evening. 

I like the buzz it gave me and I could forget just about everything. 

I always seem to take on everybody’s problems and didn’t seem to have time for mine, 

so slowly over the years I drank more and more. 

Anything it didn’t matter but once I started I wouldn’t stop until I passed out. 

When I was in my forty's after passing out sometimes I’d wake up with a black eye or lots of bruising I just didn’t remember how I got it. 

In my early fifties my ankle started to swell but I ignored it. 

There was always something or someone needed my help so I didn’t get it checked, 

Just had another drink to make me feel better. 

I didn’t have a doctor so a lovely young lady asked me to go to the local hospital as she needed a doctor herself but it turned out it was a trick. 

I was sat in front of the doctor. They took the usual blood test and ask the usual questions like how much did I drink. 

I played it down but the family member told the doctor everything. 

I was given appointment for 10 days later but 3 days later I was called back to be told I had liver damage. 

Any way I’ve got cirrhosis of the liver and the ankles both that is, have nerve damage due to alcohol. 

Now I can’t walk far and I’m classed as disabled. 

The doctors support was amazing and they let me choose what day I would finally take that step and quite drinking. 

3 years ago on the 1st of November I stopped drinking. 

And today what keeps me sober is something I was told by the hospital which was that I had 6 weeks to live. 

I realise today that I mattered, my life matters and my 2 beautiful grandchildren matter. 

It’s not easy it is hard because at times I still want a drink. 

But now it’s easier to say no I don’t need you. 

**Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Shelley. I am so happy you are still with us and living proof that we can recover** 

If you would like to share your story of recovery, you could ignite someone else’s and even save a life! Please get in touch today!! 

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