The Initiative - Mindful walking

The Initiative - Mindful walking

Mindfulness, I found this the greatest tool in giving me back control which allowed me to respond rather than react and I hope you are beginning to understand this now. 

Wherever you are on your journey you are getting proactive and learning some new tools that will hold you in good stead in the future when it comes to shifting our mindset. 


  • How are you feeling?
  • How have the last two weeks gone for you?
  • What has been positive?
  • What have you found challenging? 

Let me know in the comments or share on the page. 

Today we are going to get up and get out and about with Mindful walking.

Over the course of the last 14 days, I have shared with you various mindfulness exercises that help us to become present and aware of what's going on within us. 

The idea behind this is so that when cravings or triggers arise, because we are more aware we can catch them and respond rather than act on impulse. 

You may still be getting to grips with some of those exercises, that’s ok.

What is important is if you continually try with regularity. 

Today I want to introduce you to mindful walking. 

Many people recommend that when a craving hits, when we feel stressed, over worked, agitated or other symptoms which could lead to alcohol, that we go for a walk. 

Get some fresh air and exercise.

It is of course one thing saying it but people often feel they need some kind of stimuli going on otherwise what's the point in just going out for a random walk. 

Sitting in front of the T.V. in the warm feels much more appealing. 

But of course, when we are doing that, we are putting ourselves in the danger zone of unsafe behaviours. 

We want to break that cycle!

Mindful walking actually gives us an opportunity to check in with ourselves, practice being present and also clear out the cobwebs.

While taking our mind away from the chaos which may be ensuing, into the present where we have greater control.

Mindful walking is a practice of active meditation that we can do anywhere, no one needs to know we are doing it and it can offer us momentary release from the thought bombing that is bombarding us.

Attached is a link to an audio recording for Mindful walking Following on from urge surfing and mindful eating. 

Being mindful when out on a walk offers a sense of purpose and focus when we go out for a mid-day amble. 

When we are focused we are offering some respite to the mind while also being able to check in with how we are feeling. 

You can practice indoors before you go out to get the gist of what to do so plug your earphones, tap the link and allow my soft velvety tones to take you on an amble lol 

Practice mindful walking whenever you're out and about for a few minutes and each time you are exercising that mindfulness muscle that will assist you in shifting your mindset.