The Initiative - Motivational talk four

The Initiative - Motivational talk four

Motivational Talk four Aloha! 

My dear friend & I hope you are well today?

How did you get on with yesterday's content?

Today I want to talk about the power of listening to our hearts over our head.

When I was caught up amidst the cycle of addictions and my own fears, anxieties and mental anguish. 

Most mornings I would get up feeling as though I needed to be starting a new journey or walking a new path.

I knew this within myself however there was often something standing in my way and now with a clear mind, I can see it was the communication between my heart and my mind! 

The desires of my heart were constantly in battle with the fears and anxiety being put forward by my oh so chaotic mind.

What my heart longed for required CHANGE but the mind would become agitated by the thought of change and would often overpower the heart keeping me trapped in the cycle of addiction, pain and fear.

Almost as though they had become my comfort and in a strange sense offered stability because it was familiar and I felt made up my personality.

Yes, over time I had allowed myself to become those negative emotions!

When I realised this, it was like I had opened a door within myself and from there a new line of communication began.

I submitted myself to my heart!

As I have said before on the page I call the heart, the lighthouse of the soul!

There is no greater guidance than listening to our hearts.

I learnt that without change there can be no new direction and although it may be painful at times it would be necessary for me to face the pain in order for me to move forward on a new beginning the one my heart so longed for!

So I began to quiet my overactive thought process and listen more to my heart.

This allowed me to:

  • Be flexible enough to seek change
  • Hungry enough to want change
  • Focused enough to begin to change

And you can to just allow yourself the chance to hear your heart and what you truly need to do instead of allowing the mind constant screaming for a quick fix. 

Simply by seeking support and talking you can begin to quiet the locomotive in your head and thus you can begin to hear your own truth within yourself. 

The truth that will offer you the most appropriate choices you need and of course will offer you conscious decisions again that shall lead you away from the dark and towards the warmth of the sun!

You may still fear change within your life please check out this video: