The Initiative - Motivational talk one

The Initiative - Motivational talk one

How are you feeling this morning?

You have taken in quite a lot over the last five days with a lot of video content. You may still be working on your recovery plan or getting to grips with the information regarding triggers and cravings. 

There is no rush, you are working on shifting your mindset and there is no overnight cure for that. Just like exercising the muscles in the body so we must also do with the mind.

Throughout the 30-day plan there will be motivational articles like this one. The intention is to break up what you have learnt so far with a change of pace. 

But also, to give you a chance to go over what we have discussed. I do not want you to read the information, or watch the video content just once.

Learning and practicing the information on a regular basis will allow it to embed with your mindset and thus settle in to your new way of being. 

If you are not quite there yet that is ok.

A slip is not a relapse and the fact you are reading this now shows you are still on this journey. 

Any struggles you may be encountering learn from them. If you can learn from them, then it is all part of the same journey and our struggles can become the foundations for our success. 

Nothing worthwhile was ever easy and every successful project in life was built on a cycle of mishaps, struggles and even failures. What makes the success stories different is that the individual learnt from those events and applied what they discovered with consistency.

And recovery is no different! 

The most important thing is that you do not give up and you keep going!


You will find that you are being given back one of the greatest gifts of all and that gift is TIME. 

When you begin to embark on a sober journey you will find that the further along you go, you will have more time on your hands. This can be a fantastic thing but it can also be an obstacle within itself. 

There are the obvious things that we can do and that are encouraged such as bringing new stimuli into your life. With time seemingly becoming more available with a sober mind we can also learn to become more curious. 

Got some time on your hands tonight? 

How about you start getting curious, jump on you tube and watch some documentaries on recovery stories, we all have google, how about using it to do your own research and look into other people's recovery stories.

Check out some of the books that are available on amazon regarding recovery and the many true stories that are available there

This can be a great way to gain some inspiration from others.

When we see how other people have taken that same journey and walked similar pathways to us the encouragement can be amazing and one day your story, your journey will be an inspiration to others I can assure you. 

Even from today! I'm only on day 6 I hear this often people saying I’m only on day 1, day 3, day 6 or one week. 

Let’s drop statements like this today. 

First and foremost, it is not a competition and secondly trust me when I tell you that being on the sober journey for one day is an inspiration to others, you are an inspiration to others.

And you might not ever know this but it is true.

It only takes someone to hear that you have given up alcohol in passing. They may not say anything at the time.

But a seed is planted that may well have encouraged them to take those steps and begin their own recovery journey and that really is something quite amazing and makes you an inspiration my friend. 

So let’s drop the statements and thoughts of I am only on day whatever. This is irrelevant and the only day that is ever important, the only day you have any power over and the only day that is key to your recovery journey is today! 

Let’s make today count by staying focused and preparing for anything that may attempt to lead us towards falling back into old habits. 

You are doing this, you are breaking the cycle and I want to tell you I am so proud of you! 

How is your journey of change going? 

Let me know how your feeling, how things are going and if you want to have a catch up and talk things through, we can arrange this.