The Initiative - Powerful imagery

The Initiative - Powerful imagery

How are you feeling today?

When we can picture a powerful image in our mind it can enhance our healing process tenfold. 

When we can visualise something positive, we can gain strength or feel inspired to keep going. 

This is the power of imagery.

I want you to select a special image, picture or photo.

Think about something that promotes positive recovery to you.

An image you find inspiring, this could be:

  • Footballer or athlete
  • Someone who has overcome great adversity
  • A saint or religious figure
  • Our parents
  • Your children
  • A symbol 
  • A superhero
  • A pet
  • A Landscape
  • A quote

It doesn’t matter who or what it is as long as when you can picture it it brings up feelings of inspiration, strength and hope. 

What image have you chosen? What does that image mean to you?

When you think of this image repeat this affirmation, write it down, perhaps note it on the back of a copy of an image that represents it. 

"I will follow my recovery routine every day. Even when things are getting tough and although I may not feel like it, I will step up to the task at hand and I will never give in."

Or similar, you could write your own words, that would have even more meaning and be more empowering for you. 

Keep the picture with you, you could:

  • Keep it as a photo in your wallet or purse
  • Set it as a screen saver on your phone or computer
  • Keep it in your briefcase or folder 

When you need to, take it out and focus on the image, allow the inspiration to fill you and connect with your heart. 

Allow it to bring you present and help you make the right choice in times when things become difficult. 

This is something that can help us to stay motivated 

The image I use is a picture of my kids and I love this video that I made with Tyler during my recovery. 

When I hear him reading this it always spurs me on...

And I just wanted to share with you this video that takes you through the day that I nearly caved when my dad died. 

There is an explanation as well regarding what went through my mind that night and how I managed to make the right choice.