The Matt Penn Initiative

The Matt Penn Initiative

The Matt Penn Initiative is an organisation set up to raise awareness and end the stigma of addiction.  That will lift the barriers that stand in the way of help and support for so many people who are struggling.

Matt founded this organisation after going through his own recovery process from alcoholism and other addictions. He realised that the stigma surrounding addiction and childhood trauma created one of his biggest barriers to help and support.

The Matt Penn Initiative raises awareness via social media and through talking at schools, groups and events across the country with a focus on planting the seed that recovery is possible and also reaching our young people with the idea that prevention is better than cure.

Although The Matt Penn Initiative is in its infancy the foundations being built are strong and so vitally important in the world of recovery.

If you would like to book Matt to speak at your company, school or an event please contact him today.


As a non profit organisation we are run on a no obligation donation basis.