About our shop

Or shop is an online store where we sell our handmade crafts, email tarot readings with shamanic guidance and products to raise money to help sustain The Recovery Initiative.

Matt & his partner Sharon are both eclectic spiritual practitioners and draw inspiration for the items from belief systems such as Shamanism, wicca, Buddhism & Spiritualism.

Sharon is a certified spiritual healer & practising wiccan. Matt is a Shamanic practitioner & Mindfulness coach.

Although Matt had a lifelong struggle with addiction since his numerous childhood traumas his beliefs always resided with nature based practices such as Shamanism & Wicca.

When his addictions became so bad he found himself feeling disconnected and felt he had lost his way.

However now in recovery, clean and sober he understands it was always part of the journey.

Today both Matt & Sharon work together on the recovery initiative and their crafts are inspired by their personal belief systems.

Stronger than ever the journey they have been on together as a family has made them more committed to the path. 

Although you do not have to follow any of these to reap the rewards of joining the initiative as Matt only shares the spiritual side of his life through The Pixie hut store.

Please check out our items ranging from concrete statues, email tarot readings to Shamanic artwork.