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When you join the Recovery Initiative and take up the 30 day alcohol free programme you become a member of the initiative for life.

To join please complete the form below.

The contents of the course is based on mindset, self awareness, building self esteem and consistency in forming new healthier habits.
This programme is free to join subject to your application and if we feel this programme is right for you.
We enrol new members bi monthly every two months.
And there are limited spaces so to join our next enrolment please complete the form below.

This plan is set up so that you can follow it at your own pace over the course of 30 days and beyond with over 80 lessons of written and video content. 

By completing the exercises you are given with consistency over the course of the 30 days you will begin to form the foundations for an alcohol free life. 

This is done through self awareness, consistency and getting proactive, you will be guided every step of the way and each day you will begin forming new healthier habits progressively.

But that is not all!

You will have online support from Matt and other members in the zoom meetings for peer support.

These meetings really are powerful and have made a huge difference in the recovery journey of our members.

That sense of connection with others on a similar journey is so important and if you are having any difficulties you know that the zoom meetings are a safe, encouraging environment where you can go to gain support from Matt and your peers. 

Where else can you meet with the author of the programme on a regular basis for help and support?

Throughout the course you will be introduced to Mindfulness techniques that will assist you in settling into a sober pathway and aid in dealing with triggers and cravings successfully.

These Mindfulness techniques will be of huge benefit to you in all areas of your life. Helping you to feel more present, confident and building your self esteem.

To assist you we also offer a six week Mindfulness course run via zoom, live on a weekly basis or as a stand alone course you can follow at your own pace, at no extra cost!

Your self worth is a huge focus in this initiative as we concentrate on today and moving forward you will set new goals and have assistance in building a pathway to work towards them.

Many of our members ignite old passions or hobbies while others discover new ones which has such a positive impact on their lives and helps with relapse prevention.

The Facebook group

When you become a member you will gain a huge benefit by joining our private Facebook group. 

Within the group you will find:

  • Over 100 modules of extra content based on mind, body, spirit
  • The six week Mindfulness course (video course)
  • All of the content from the 30 day plan
  • A second 30 day course called: Phase 2 level up your life! which is based on whole life goals and will help you to build the life you want!
  • The zoom links
  • A video club
  • Support from your peers where new friendships and bonds are formed.
  • A book club

The Initiative is a very informal, friendly place and the Facebook group is a positive environment where members support each other and share in daily wins as well as the harder times.

The Recovery Initiative is more than just a 30 day alcohol free course. It is a habit changing programme that will offer you the opportunity to build the life you want if you engage in the programme.

Our next intake is the 1st of October apply to join today for FREE. The Recovery Initiative is for people who have a psychological addiction to alcohol not a physical one.

Or for those who simply feel their drinking habit is becoming out of hand but can stop without severe physical withdrawal symptoms.

If you have a physical addiction please contact your GP first regarding safe withdrawal methods before attempting to stop drinking.

Please complete the form below and we will get back to you within 24hrs!

You need to give as much information as you can otherwise this can affect your application.

The Recovery Initiative strongly advises you contact your GP regarding safe detoxing methods if you are physically alcohol dependant before attempting to give up drinking.

And that you either detox before commencing the programme or taper off and cut down under the guidance of a medical professional as opposed to going cold turkey.

This programme is for people who are not physically dependant but alcohol is causing problems within their lives or need assistance breaking their current drinking habit.

The Recovery Initiative is not a medical detoxing programme 

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