Our alcohol recovery mentoring services

The Recovery Initiative - Recovery Mentoring UK

I offer the UK's only one to one alcohol recovery mentoring service with a 60 day structured plan and online peer support 7 days a week hosted by the author of the programme!

One to one recovery mentoring in the UK with the 60 day plan as part of our programme. The 60 day plan is sent to your email in box on a daily basis that comes with ongoing support via a peer support group which is held every day via zoom at 7pm or 8pm and the exclusive Facebook group.

You will also gain access to one to one mentoring with me as and when it is needed.

This plan was devised from my own recovery process and is aimed at people who want to change their mindset towards alcohol and bring positive changes into their lives.

This  recovery mentoring service has over 100 modules of content and growing every day that are focused on assisting you on your recovery journey and beyond.

Unique and engaging I will be with you every step of the way as you transform your relationship with alcohol.

Sober companion

Providing a service of support through escorting or accompanying clients to or from rehab, work trips, functions and events. A sober companion can be by your side at times when you feel your sobriety may be in jeopardy. Cost of expenses may apply.

Talks for your event

I am available to talk at your event. I offer three main talks however I can tailor talks that are specific to your needs and requirements. Please check out my talks and fees for further information.

Contact me today for further information and to arrange a time for an initial phone call.