Talks for your event

Hear my story of childhood trauma, addiction and recovery at your group, function or event. Although I am based in Burton on Trent I can travel nationwide.

I offer three main talks for your event, group or organisation and these are: 

1. Recovery is possible: An addict's story -  A recovering alcoholic and survivor of childhood traumas perspective on recovery. Matt takes you by the hand and walks with you through his first year in recovery. Not as a therapist but as a companion sharing his own intimate journey.

2. Grooming and child protection - Matt shares his experience of being groomed with the 7 signs we need to be aware of as parents and guardians that he relates to through his own lived experience as a child leading up to the sexual abuse that latest for six years. With the tools that we can develop to keep our children safe.

3. I am a survivor - My story of my gateways into addiction and the childhood traumas I survived. Abandonment, child sexual abuse and attempted murder all before the age of fourteen. Leading to the death of my son to anencephaly which sealed my fate as a high functioning alcoholic.

I can also tailor talks around many other subjects including: 

  • Peer pressure
  • Motivation
  • Compassion
  • We can be more than our past
  • Know your worth

Please contact me to discuss what it is you require for your event. I talk from lived, relatable, raw experience.