What is alcohol recovery mentoring?

What is a recovery mentor and what do they do?  

A recovery mentor is a person who helps those who are looking for recovery from addiction to navigate the obstacles which they may face.  

They work from a non-clinical perspective as a personal guide and mentor often talking from lived experience working with people in early recovery or those further down the road to assist in maintaining sobriety. 

Recovery mentors help their clients to focus on positive change while offering encouragement and support along the way. With a focus on bringing in improvements within their present life, setting new goals and working to attain them. 

Good recovery mentors will be able to motivate while also offering accountability.

At The Matt Penn Initiative we have a huge focus on building up your self-esteem, while providing you with the mindset tools to assist you within the daily struggle you may have when dealing with triggers and cravings. 

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What makes our recovery mentoring different? 

Our Recovery mentoring service was born from our founder Matt Penn’s own recovery journey. We developed a system that offers our members a structured plan to follow, with one to one mentoring and online peer support. 

We firmly believe that this helps people to stay linked in and engaged with their recovery journey offering motivation, focus and when it is needed accountability. Giving you the mindset tools to help you bring about change and transform your relationship with alcohol for good. 

Mindfulness & sobriety 

Using Mindfulness techniques, journaling and peer support our 30-day programme helps you to raise your awareness to the process behind your triggers, cravings and effects of your current drinking habit. 

When we are becoming aware we can learn to bring ourselves present and give our mind’s back choice as opposed to simply reacting based on your old behaviour patterns. 

With our recovery mentoring service, you will begin to form new behaviour patterns, set goals and understand the process of what triggers your drinking habit.  

This insight will allow you to drive a wedge of awareness in when it is needed giving you back power over your drinking habit and forming the foundations to shift your mindset, settling into a life free from negative behaviour patterns. 

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You are not alone 

Our online peer support via zoom runs seven days a week from 7pm or 8pm GMT for around 1 – 1 ½ hours and our members have said before that the peer support really is the glue that helps bring the programme together. 

So how does the recovery mentoring service work? 

The central focus of the recovery mentoring programme is the 30-day plan. When you take up mentoring, you will be sent an email every morning over the course of 30 days. 

Your email will contain a link to that day’s course work and video. 

Every day is different and will offer you focus, motivation and exercises to complete and new tools to apply to your recovery journey. 

You are encouraged to actually put in place the exercises within the programme and begin applying them to your life with consistency. I will be with you every step of the way.

You will also gain access to the exclusive private Facebook group where you can connect with our members on this programme. 

Your recovery coach

One to one mentoring

Matt is on hand for you to connect with him for a one-to-one mentoring session.

If you are having difficulty or you need assistance in any way then these coaching sessions are key in your recovery. 

Matt also hosts the evening zoom meetings which cover various topics and also give you a chance to touch base with him if you have any questions or need any help. 

Please contact us for details.

Where else can you meet with the author of the programme? 

Matt is available as your recovery mentor seven days a week if you need to speak with him regarding your recovery journey.

Matt is a certified Mindfulness coach and he has also stood where you are when he was faced with his own recovery journey from an alcohol use disorder and childhood trauma. 

Matt is also the author of the Amazon number one bestseller and wishing shelf book awards finalist - Recovery is possible: An addict’s story. 

Other course content 

Alongside the 30-day plan you will gain access to over 100 modules of content and our stand alone Mindfulness course.

You can join our initiative today for £12.99 a month and gain access to all our services.