Your alcohol recovery mentor

We stand together...

My name is Matt Penn, I am a recovery mentor, author and founder of this initiative. When the first lockdown struck in 2020 I also embarked on my own recovery journey. As a high functioning alcoholic I knew I had to bring about some drastic changes in my life, for myself and for my family.

The lockdown was happening, I could not get an appointment with my doctor and the drug and alcohol services had closed their doors. Feeling lost, confused and alone I turned to Facebook to journal my recovery as I knew if I was going to get better I was going to have to figure things out for myself.

Through journaling and sharing my experiences I formed my own strategy to recovery and the sense of connection with others reinforced my journey giving me support but also accountability.

I found the strength to use my voice and I learnt that through opening up about my past I unloaded the burdens that kept me within the cycle of addiction most of my life.

As I shared my story and accounts of my journey I also had my fair share of trolls and attacks from people who did not understand the journey that I was on. Yes, the stigma that envelopes addiction and childhood trauma is very real.

There were many points when I almost gave up due to some of the responses that I received. But it was the kind comments and reactions of support that spurred me.

That made me feel connected and this became my life line.

That Facebook page evolved into The Matt Penn Initiative and this recovery mentoring service was born.

The Recovery Initiative!

I came to realise that it was not only during these times when the importance of feeling connected to others is key during recovery.

But it is those times in the evening or at weekends when we are alone, key workers are unavailable and those in recovery are in the danger zone of lapsing and giving in to their old habits.

That one lapse can have such a huge knock on effect with the feelings of guilt, shame and depression that follow. This can be a driving force pushing towards full relapse.

And why? Because at the point when the recovering individual needed stimuli, needed that sense of connection...there was no one there.

This is where The Recovery Initiative and the 60 day recovery mentoring service comes in.

Providing a sense of connection with others and a safe space where people feel they can talk freely and receive support from people on a similar journey. This is a service that can work alongside other organisations to give peer to peer support when their services are unavailable.

This initiative provides workshops and courses based around developing a mindset to aid with recovery. This gives people something to help them stay focused during those danger times working on their recovery.

With the sense of community we provide, individuals can work alongside others and this is where the peer to peer support really takes a massive stride forward.

We provide online zoom meetings seven days a week for our members to come together and discuss their recovery, the challenges they are facing and through discussion find ways to overcome.

This initiative is such an important service and will make such an impact on individuals and families.

We also work hard to raise awareness and educate as a means of prevention.

Let me tell you a little more about me...

My name is Matt Penn and I went into recovery very publicly via Facebook as a high functioning alcoholic and survivor of abandonment, child sexual abuse and attempted murder. I was subjected to these devastating childhood traumas all before my fourteenth birthday.

Most people think experimenting with cannabis and other substances are the gateways to addiction. My gateway to addiction was the childhood traumas I survived.

During my recovery I learnt as much as I could about my addictions and the demons from my past and how to overcome them. I am a certified mindfulness life coach and the author of Recovery is possible: An addict's story and through sharing my experiences my page grew to over 68,000 followers.

The Recovery Initiative was born and today I work to raise awareness with the intention of planting the seed that recovery is possible. While ending the stigma that creates the barriers that stand in the way of help and support for so many.

I work as a recovery mentor and talk at recovery groups, events and functions. Sharing my story of recovery and inspiring others to begin theirs. I also write educational material taken from my own lived experience and share online.

I know how it feels to stand at that point when change beckons but its hard to see a way out. I am with you, you are not alone and together we will find a way out.

Thank you so much

Matt Penn - Your recovery mentor