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Alcohol Recovery

Join The Initiative Alcohol Recovery Mentoring Programme + Free Gift

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The UK's only one to one alcohol recovery peer mentoring service with a 60 day structured plan and online peer support 7 days a week hosted by the author of the programme!

Having someone walk with you through those early days of breaking the cycle that has been created throughout years of turning to alcohol as a means to cope, relieve boredom or simply believe it was helping us to unwind can make all the difference.

When I went into my own recovery journey I was completely alone and that is why I built this programme designed to walk with you.

To give you that all-important point of contact, a structured plan, motivation, accountability and connection with others on a similar journey.

We can meet online, by telephone or if you are local, in person. To help you set the right goals and take steps towards them while navigating the obstacles that breaking away from old behaviour patterns may create.

With consistency, actively engaging in change and with the right support from lived experience those happier, healthier habits are attainable.

Let's transform your relationship with alcohol by working together or perhaps you need help maintaining your sobriety.  

This initiative offers affordable recovery mentoring with a focus on mindset, self-esteem and engaging in change, to help you reach your sobriety goals and much more.

Are you looking to transform your relationship with alcohol?

Recovery peer mentoring UK service

This is the only alcohol recovery mentoring service of it's kind in the UK!

What does this mean?

  • You will receive a one to one consultation with matt as and when it is needed.
  • When you join this initiative Matt will be with you and if you need to talk things through he will be a point of contact for you.
  • You will gain access to our peer support 7 days a week via zoom where we discuss different topics aimed at helping you change your mindset and break the cycle of drinking moving towards healthier, happier habits.

You will gain access to over 100 modules of content focusing on your overall well being, mind, body and spirit.

  • You will receive the 30 day alcohol recovery plan via email from your day one alcohol free you will receive a link to each day of the plan over the course of 30 days. In the link there will be content and a video aimed at guiding you through the 30 day period with exercises and tools to assist you in breaking the cycle and forming new healthier habits.
  • Upon completion of 30 days alcohol free you will receive a certificate and if you stay with the initiative at no extra cost you will receive one at 3 months, 6 months and one year sober.
  • Once you have completed 30 days alcohol free you can begin phase two. the next 30 day programme which will help you grow and move forward with your new sober mindset.
You will gain access to all our future courses and workshops at no extra cost.

    You can join the initiative recovery mentoring programme for just £12.99 a month!


    Once your payment plan is finished you can remain within our mentoring programme for life taking advantage of all current and future content including the online peer support.

    Limited spaces available

    Due to the nature of our service, there are limited spaces available each month to ensure that we can provide this service correctly. Join us today to avoid disappointment.

    Programme registration

    After you have made payment here we will send you an email same day or within 24hrs to register you and explain how it works and also to find out a little about your current drinking habit and your sobriety goals.

    Once completed you will be sent all the links to the online services and information that you will need.


    For a limited time only!

    When you join the initiative mentoring programme you will receive a FREE signed copy of Recovery is possible: An addict's story! The book I wrote during my first year in recovery! (UK residents only)

    Details will be in your welcome email and you will receive your signed book as part of your welcome pack!

    Please note: This initiative is for people who do not exhibit physical dependency. If you have symptoms of a physical addiction it is advisable that you contact your GP if you exhibit serious withdrawal symptoms when attempting to give up alcohol. This is not a clinical service and is a peer to peer service whereby we offer a coaching relationship and not one of a medical practitioner.

    If you are unsure if our service is right for you please feel free to email me at If you have a physical dependency on alcohol going cold turkey can be dangerous and so speaking to your GP about safe detoxing methods is advised.